Bienvenue au Lycée Polyvalent Léopold Elfort !

Video presentation of our BTS International Commerce

Our first-year students in International Commerce are happy to publish a video whose aim is to present their training program and the place where they study.

The creation of this video is part of our eTwinning project "Sharing overseas cultures and discovering our future job".

This video has been produced by pupils who follow a course focused on Cinema & Audiovisual Media.

Many thanks to them for their impressive technical skills.

In addition to the video, we have presented our training program in 13 pictures !

Saleta and Gwendelin have done a wonderful job ! They have been eager to take part in the creation of the video and they have taken advantage of their language and communication skills. Congratulations on their performance !

Our High School is located in Mana, a small town in the western part of French Guiana. It’s a very quiet and lovely town.

Mana is also the name of the river. It is an impressive river which crosses the Amazonian forest.

Mana may be a small town, but it’s unique for its diversity. It is a melting pot : Brazilians, haitians, Surinamese people, creole people, bushinenge, Hmongs, amerindians and people from mainland France live peacefully together. It must be observed that the Hmong community has created its own village and are specialized in the farming sector. They came in French Guiana because they fled the war in their home country Laos in the 1970s.

Kourou is Europe’s spaceport ! More than ten rockets are launched from the space center each year.

The Carnival season is undoubtedly the best time to visit French Guiana and to get to know the French Guianese culture ! It’s so colorful and lively !

Our High School is located in the countryside, 5 kms away from the town center. It’s a very nice and quiet place.

It is the only BTS International Commerce in French Guiana ! Last year 100% of our students passed their exam !

As you can imagine, languages are very important in our training program. English is the language for international business and Spanish and Portuguese are the languages spoken in most countries in South America !

Internships are an integral part of our training program. They are an opportunity for our students to put into practice the skills the have acquired and developed at school !

The first-year internship must be done abroad. Some of our students have taken advantage of the Erasmus+ program to carry out their internship in Europe (Malta and Spain) !

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