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The first-year internship : What is it all about ?

The first-year internship lasts 10 weeks. It must be done abroad. This internship is about international commerce.

The student will acquire professional skills and put into practice the knowledge gained from his education in view of earning a Higher Technical Certificate in International Commerce, and facilitating his professional integration.

The intern will be given one or more tasks related to prospecting.


• Collection, analysis, exploitation and communication of customer/supplier data
• Production of written messages in English
• Production of oral messages in English
• Production of written or oral messages in French
• Follow-up of the customer/supplier relationship
• Coordination with the organization’s departments
• Putting forward solutions adapted to each situation
• Contributing to leading a professional network
• Collecting information about the company’s environment
• Analysing the information and outlining the main takeaways from the analysis
• Adapting the marketing mix according to the target market
• Taking part in commercial prospecting


• Exploit customer/supplier data
• Manage the international commercial relationship
• Communicate in English in intercultural contexts
• Communicate in French in intercultural contexts
• Ensure coordination of departments
• Participate in the animation of a professional network abroad
• Monitor the company’s global environment
• Analyze and synthesize information on a target market
• List and identify deployment options in a target market
• Contribute to the adaptation process related to the company’s international development
• Participate in commercial prospecting

  • You will be sent one mid-term evaluation online form (when the internship is half way) and one final evaluation form (when the internship period is over).
  • At least two Skype sessions (or two Whatsapp audio or video calls) will be arranged after three weeks’ time and nine weeks’ time.
  • The academic advisor (Mr CHASTELLIERE) will be pleased and will make himself available to answer your questions by email or via Whatsapp during the whole internship. Do not hesitate.
  • For financial reasons, no visit will be arranged, except for the students who intern in Suriname.
  • At the end of the internship, an internship certificate (that the academic supervisor will send by email) will be signed and stamped by the representative of the organization. This a very important document insofar as it is required to pass the diploma.

If you want to know more about our training program :

The leaflet of our training program
BTS CI sur Facebook

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at : guillaume.chastelliere@ac-guyane.fr

Thank you for showing interest in our training program !!!

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