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The first-year internship : What is it all about ?

The first-year internship lasts 8 weeks. It must be done abroad. This internship is about prospecting.

The student will acquire professional skills and put into practice the knowledge gained from his education in view of earning a Higher Technical Certificate in International Commerce, and facilitating his professional integration.

The intern will be given one or more tasks related to prospecting.

  • Prospecting in order to propose an appropriate offer
  • Customer Relationship Management in a multicultural background
  • Producing messages integrating sociocultural background
  • Leading a multicultural contacts network

  • Analyzing, assessing and ensuring the follow up of the prospection
  • Setting up, managing and updating a relevant and multicultural contacts network
  • Conducting a sales network and a customers portfolio
  • Collecting, analyzing and selecting information about decision-making processes and negociation methods in various countries
  • Collecting informations on social and cultural patterns in order to achieve an effective communication with foreign contacts
  • Integrating, implementing and enriching a multicultural network of foreign contacts
  • Leading, stimulating and managing sales and contacts networks
  • Communicating with contacts, using and widening a network of professional contacts
  • Being loyal, and always abiding by the interests of the company
  • Team working
  • Taking cultural differences into account in the business world

  • You will be sent one mid-term evaluation online form (when the internship is half way) and one final evaluation form (when the internship period is over).
  • At least two Skype sessions (or two Whatsapp audio or video calls) will be arranged after three weeks’ time and six weeks’ time.
  • The academic advisor (Mr CHASTELLIERE) will be pleased and will make himself available to answer your questions by email or via Whatsapp during the whole internship. Do not hesitate.
  • For financial reasons, no visit will be arranged, except for the students who intern in Suriname.
  • At the end of the internship, an internship certificate (that the academic supervisor will send by email) will be signed and stamped by the representative of the organization. This a very important document insofar as it is required to pass the diploma.

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