Bienvenue au Lycée Polyvalent Léopold Elfort !

Congratulations to all the students who passed the Cambridge English Certificate

We are happy to let you know that eleven students have passed the Cambridge English Certificate !

Below is the list of the winners :

  • Anaïs ACOLIMI
  • Sabel DEWMAN
  • Michella DJAKIE
  • Withlène DUCASSE
  • Hermes SOLEGA
  • Maria Rosa XIONG
  • Shalinie KALLOE
  • Jennifer PERSAUD
  • Pricella PINAS
  • Mikiyensa SOLEGA
Many congratulations to all of them !

A little graduation ceremony was organised yesterday.

Mrs Micheli, deputy headmaster, Shalinie, student in International Commerce, Mrs Declerck-Charton, English teacher.

Shalinie wanted to share her impressions regarding the test.

Hello everyone, I’m KALLOE Shalinie. I currently am a first-year student in International Commerce. Last year, I passed the Cambridge test. At the beginning I was thinking that it would be very difficult and I said to myself "It’s better to try".
I passed the exam, all went well even if I felt a little bit nervous. I had confidence in myself and now I’m here with the Cambridge certificate ! Shalinie

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